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Class Newspaper

Objective: Students will create their own newspaper ads.
Students should look through magazines and newspapers to find ads they find interesting. Ask them, “What sorts of ads appeal to you the most?” While they are researching the ads, write a list of persuasive marketing words on the board (discount, new, improved, more, light, environmentally safe, great buy, cholesterol-free, fat-free, etc…) Explain how advertisers use propaganda techniques to sell products. Some of these include the use of analogy, the bandwagon approach, emotional appeal, exaggeration, generalizations, name dropping, and testimonials. Allow them to brainstorm to come up with examples of these and other sales techniques. Reproduce the fictitious product names sheet on page 53, cut them out, and randomly distribute them to students. You should make enough copies for each student to receive five product names. Students then will design their own ads on a copy of the worksheet on p age 54.
Integrating the curriculum: Students can think of original products for a certain period of history or from a particular country. Then they can write the advertisement for the products.
Students will post the advertisements to the class newspaper website.

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