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Gideon Lesson Plan

A very long time ago, the people of Israel committed many sins even though they knew they were doing wrong.
God punished the people for seven years. He sent the Midianites to ravish their crops so there was no food to
eat. The people asked God why they were being punished and God sent a prophet to tell them they had sinned
against Him. One day, Gideon was working in his hidden field and an angel appeared to him. The angel told
Gideon that he had been chosen to save Israel. The very next day, Gideon took his servants to a hilltop where an
altar to worship false idols had been built. Gideon threw those alters away and built an altar to worship God in
its place. The day after, the people of the city saw what Gideon had done and were angry, and they wanted to
kill Gideon. However, the Lord came to Gideon and helped him create an army. Gideon asked God to send a
sign to make sure he was the chosen one to complete the task. He put fleece on the ground and asked God to put
dew on the fleece, but not on the ground. God did that and Gideon knew he was chosen. God then asked Gideon
to send away those in his army who were afraid. Almost all of the army left leaving him with only 300 men. He
went to the Midianites camp and overheard a man telling of a strange dream about a man that brought barley
cake. The next day, Gideon took his men, gave them pitchers, lamps and trumpets and led them to the enemy
camp. They blew the trumpet and broke the trumpet. The enemies feared the dream was coming true and
Gideon won the battle.

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