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Kwanzaa – Lesson plan

Stage 1 – Intro to the theme
10 mins tch<>stds
1. Elicit from the stds the different events that are celebrated at this time of year around the world. Get them to tell everyone what they know about them.
2. Put ‘ Kwanzaa’ on the board & elicit what celebration it is.

Stage 2 – Reading
10 mins tch<>stds
1. Set up the extensive, quick reading – the stds have 30 seconds to get as much as they can from the article – discuss how they might do this – skimming….
2. Task – 30 seconds – stick to your time limit.
3. Stds compare answers.
4. General feedback – stds tell you what they have.
5. Set more intensive task – see below – dictate or write the questions on the board.
6. Task – individual
7. Stds compare answers.
7. General feedback

1. How long does Kwanzaa last?
2. Why do you think it began?
3. What is the celebration based on?
3. Whose idea was it?
4. What is the celebration a ‘reaffirmation’ of?

Stage 3 – Vocabulary focus
10 mins tch<>stds
1. Ask the stds to work out a brief definition for all of the words in bold in the text.
2. Task – go round & monitor.
3. Stds compare answers – you might have dictionaries on hand for the stds to confirm their guesses.
4. General feedback.

Stage 4 – Response to the text – speaking
5-10 mins tch<>stds
1. General class discussion – why did African-Americans feel a need for Kwanzaa? Know of any other non-religious celebrations at this time of year?

Stage 5 – Follow up ideas
- there is another short text about the food at Kanzaa celebrations. This could be used as a running dictation for example.
- stds could think up another type of celebration for a group of people.
- roleplays – eg. traditional African-American family, parents wanting to celebrate Kwanzaa & rebellious children who don’t = conflict…

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