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Make Bullying HISTORY!

Are you looking for lessons and activities to help end bullying in your school or community?
We strongly believe that peace begins in the classroom. People are affected by many different types of conflict; bullying affects the lives of thousands of young people every day. As part of Peace One Day’s free online Peace Education Resource we have created two Ending-Bullying lesson plans along with Classroom Resources.
Lessons 3A Ending-Bullying Role Play and 3B Making an ‘Ending-Bullying’ Advertisement provide opportunities for students to not only discuss and share ideas and experiences of bullying, but also to take positive and creative steps to make bullying a thing of the past.
We hope that through the use of these lessons educators can facilitate a growing awareness amongst young people that RESPECT & TOLERANCE are key to a peaceful and happy community.
3A Ending-Bullying Role Play, gives students the tools and words as well as a safe environment to express themselves and to gain further understanding about how their actions can affect others. The topical issue of cyber-bullying is also addressed.
3B Making an ‘Ending-Bullying’ Advertisement, students can work together developing empathy and confidence through creating an Ending-bullying advertisement, this can be done through Art, Film, Theatre, Photography and much more. The idea is to avoid negative language and show students that they have the power to move forward and to create the kind of community they want to live in.
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