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Metric Intro

Math Lesson Plan: Metric Intro
GRADE: 5th / 6th

Students will learn basic metric measurement concepts & the metric sentence.

? sentence strips
? rulers
? markers ? meter sticks
? scale
? measuring cups

Today we’re going to learn about a system used all over the world and a trick to remember the units of measure. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of a liter of soda? Give me thumbs up if you know what a meter stick like this is used for? Well, those of you who raised hands or thumbs already know a little about the metric system. So, let’s all learn more.

1) Review basic units of metric measurement: METER, LITER, GRAM.
2) Tell students a version of the metric sentence orally while distributing strips, markers & rulers:
King Henry Doesn’t Mind Drinking Chocolate Milk.
3) Explain that the sentence will help them see how different units are related tomorrow.
4) Have students fold strips in half and write the following down the middle on the side with the dotted line:
5) Have students write the metric sentence on sentence strips by following these directions:
a. Re-fold the strip so the blank side is up.
b. Make a dot 7.5 cm from the end. Then, make another dot 7.5 cm from the first dot. And another after that.
c. Repeat from the other end then unfold to open flat.
d. Each strip should have 6 dots and a big space in the center.
6) Tell students the teacher’s initials. Ask students what their initials are.
7) Have them repeat a metric sentence & write the initials on the strip:
King Henry Doesn’t Mind Discussing Court Matters.
8) At the bottom of the strip they should write:
Kilo Hecto Deca Deci Centi Milli
Explain that they will learn more about these tomorrow.
9) Then in their notebooks have them write:
a. meters measure distance / length
b. liters measure volume / capacity (liquids)
c. grams measure mass / “weight” (solids)
10) Have students close their eyes and repeat the metric sentence of their choice.
11) Discuss which unit of basic measurement would be appropriate for measuring the length of a book or their desk. Use rulers and meter sticks to do a metric length scavenger hunt.
Study basic metric units & write word problems using money and metric measurement.

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