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Miriam Lesson Plan

Miriam was the older sister of Moses. When Moses was just a small infant, there was an order to kill all Hebrew
boys. Miriam and her mother were very worried about Moses, so the girl helped hid Moses away in the house.
However, Moses grew and it was getting harder to keep him hidden. Miriam had an idea. She knew that the
Pharaoh’s daughter did not have a child. She thought that if the woman saw Moses, she would want to keep him
for her own child and he would not die. She and her mother placed Moses in a basket and then placed the basket
in the water near the Pharaoh’s daughter. She saw the baby and Miriam came out to talk to the woman. The
woman told her to find someone to care for the baby until he was weaned and then she would raise Moses for
her own. Miriam took Moses back to her mother and he stayed there until he was old enough to live with the
Pharaoh’s daughter. His life was spared because of Miriam’s actions.

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