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Overview of Sign Language

Introduce the class to sign language.

1 Start by teaching the finger-spelling alphabet.
2 Get kids to finger-spell their names to each other, either in groups or in a circle.
3 Next time, the group can learn to sign the numbers and simple exchanges like hello, goodbye, and
thank you.

The aim of this lesson is not to teach kids everything in sign language but just to introduce them to the basics.

This is a fun exercise for the children and will give them new skills, while opening their minds to a different way of communicating.

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1 comment to Overview of Sign Language

  • bia

    Thank you very much. First toime I’ve heard about lessons for deaf people. This school year I’m teaching English to deaf pupils (high school). Tese are the ideas I’ll begin with this school year (tomorrow)

    Thanks :) -


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