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Insect Communication and Harmful Insects

Identify basic needs of organisms

b. : Give examples of how organisms depend on each other

Insects Throughout Time

This unit is comprised of a series of activities to have children discover the presence and importance of insects throughout history.

Zoo for Small Creatures

The student will explore an area outside the classroom and catch various insects. After they have captured the small creatures, the children will observe what they look like and find the names of the insects in nature guidebooks. Also, the children will discover what the insects like to eat in the guidebooks. First hand observation is a wonderful teacher!

Insects and Spiders Lesson Plan

Students will research insects and spiders and learn their roles in helping the environment and also harm they might cause. This elementary science lesson plan is applicable to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade science classes.

Insect Models

To help students become excited about making models of insects, you might want to do some science charting with them. Ask, “What do you know about insects?” And then, “What do you want to know about insects?”