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Summer Travel: Education on the Road

This month EDSITEment spotlights an activity that many students take part in every summer: vacationing. Students are encouraged to use their summer travel experiences to learn about new places and document their understanding of what they encounter. Whether their destination is Colonial Williamsburg, or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, students can approach their new surroundings as


Bits of humor lighten what could be a heavy tone as it asks readers to think about family, separation, and loss.

Choosing a Summer Job

Pre-requisite: Students must have prior knowledge of graphing linear equations and solving systems of equations by graphing, substitution and elimination.

Explore Summers Past and Present

Whether it is a special song, a favorite movie, or a family vacation, everyone has special summer memories that are fun to share. In this activity, children think about their own memories and answer questions before asking the same questions of someone older. After comparing summer stories, work together to make a poster that shows what is the same and what is different.

Making Postcards

This is a fun activity to get the kids thinking about what to expect in their upcoming summer months.