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Myth and Truth: Independence Day

Most Americans think of the Fourth of July as Independence Day—but is it really the day the United States declared its independence? This lesson explores all the dates and stories associated with the Declaration of Independence, focusing on the reason there are so many different dates and signings of the document and why we celebrate the nation’s birthday on July 4th rather than one of the other dates.

It’s Independence Day! Or is it?

Many people celebrate the Fourth of July as the birthday of the United States, but the actual events on that day involved only a half dozen people. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved and signed by the officers of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most of the other members signed during a ceremony on August 2.

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4th of July – Independence Day

Those living in the United States celebrate the Fourth of July to mark independence from Britain. We typically
celebrate this day by sharing the day with friends and family with a good meal and by watching a fireworks
show at dark.