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Folk Music

Concentrate on learning more about the folk music composers in Early American History.
Patriotic Music is our first one.

Musical Vocabulary Links

Two basic memory techniques are association (linking new learning to previous knowledge) and repetition.

“America the Beautiful” Using Music and Art to Develop Vocabulary

This lesson uses music and art in a vocabulary study of unfamiliar words from the song “America the Beautiful,” increasing students’ vocabulary while also increasing their knowledge of U.S. geography.

Patriotic Song Puzzles

My students are eager to learn patriotic songs these days! I chose songs for different grade levels, the youngest learning “America” and the older ones “The Star-Spangled Banner.” In order to help them memorize the words, I laminated 12 copies of each song, cut them into pieces (line strips for the 2nd graders) and put each song in a Baggie. Students get a partner, find a clear space on the floor, and must put the song puzzle together. The first time they do this, they do get to use their song sheets, but later it is from memory only. The kids LOVE this activity!