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Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

Joshua led the Israelites to victory in the Battle of Jericho. God told Joshua to have the people march
around the city seven times in complete silence. At the end of the seventh time around the city,
Joshua charged the trumpeters to blow their trumpets, and the walls of the city fell down!


The Resurrection of Jesus: Read the Easter story to the children and talk about how Jesus died for our sins.
2. Egg Science: Take this time to teach the children about eggs. Eggs are a symbol of rebirth and represent the
rebirth of Jesus. Look for easy science experiments involving eggs, such as whether or not they float. You can
also decorate eggs.
3. Cross: The cross is an important symbol of Easter. It represents crucifixion and resurrection.

Valentine’s Day

This is a good opportunity to teach children that God loves them unconditionally. Explain unconditional love
to them and how it applies to their everyday life.

New Year’s Day

Have children reflect on the previous year. Talk about what they did and what they might do differently in the
coming year. Make a list of resolutions. Point out that New Year’s Day is a day when God gives them a fresh

Gideon Lesson Plan

The story of Gideon is mentioned in Judges 6 – 8.