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Taking Notes

Objective: Today you will learn how to write summary notes.
Directions: Place an example of a paragraph on the overhead.Read the paragraph aloud to the students. Go back to the beginning of the paragraph and read each sentence separately. For example, say “This sentence mentions a black cat.” Continue this exercise for each sentence in the paragraph. When done with each sentence, come to an agreement about the topic of the paragraph.
Next, I explain to my students that I will find important ideas or the details that give information about the topic of the paragraph. As I reread the paragraph slowly, I underline the key phrases. I explain to students that the words I am underlining are important details about the content of the paragraph. Again, I think aloud and explain why I think certain words are important and why others are not.
On the paper where I listed the topic, I jot down the supporting details and emphasize that I am putting the ideas in my own words. Students compare what I am writing to what is written in the paragraph and notice that my notes are not the same words as the author’s.

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