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A science lesson on understanding earthquakes. This lesson explains what earthquakes are, earthquakes in history, the Richter scale, and how they are classified. Includes printable teaching reading comprehension lesson worksheets

Earthquakes: Learn From The Past, Prepare For The Future

Ask students which earthquakes they remember hearing about in the news during the past few years. What were the effects of these earthquakes? What lessons might these earthquakes teach us to help us better prepare for future ones? Hold a brief class discussion on these questions.

Earthquakes: Getting Ready for the Big One

Discuss with students where earthquakes are mostly likely to occur. If they don’t know, they can look at a map of earthquake hot spots or at theJava Earthquake Globe. If students live near one of these areas, discuss life in “earthquake country.”

Finding an Earthquake’s Epicenter

This lesson helps students understand the processes used to identify the location of an earthquake’s epicenter and how the Richter magnitude of the earthquake is determined.