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All Aboard The Campaign Train!

The students will take the fictional platform from the lesson “Donkeys and Elephants and Voters, Oh My!” to raise support for members of their party at the local, state and national levels while on the campaign trail. Based on a student-created itinerary, the students will map the cross-country campaign stops.

The 1828 Campaign of Andrew Jackson and the Growth of Party Politics

In this unit, students analyze changes in voter participation and regional power, and review archival campaign documents reflecting the dawn of politics as we know it during the critical years from 1824 to 1832.

Special Interests: How Would A Legislator Vote?

In these role-plays, students act as elected officials who must vote on five bills that relate to special interests of groups that financed their campaigns. How will they vote?

Campaign Ad Critique

Students learn a lesson in media literacy!