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Lesson Plans - November

Featured Lesson Plan of the Week: Election Vocabulary Bingo

* Students will review election vocabulary.
* Teacher will be able to assess students’ knowledge of election vocabulary.

Improving Elections in the United States

This lesson plan is designed to be used with the film, Election Day, which shows the experiences of a number of people in various parts of the United States on Election Day 2004.

Election Day Lesson Plan

Students will be able to follow Election Day results as they come in on the night of Election Day. They will learn about the electoral college.

Predicting the Vote: Analyzing Election Data

Tell students that they are going to have a quiz, but they get to vote about whether they take it today or tomorrow. Pass out ballots with three options: Today, Tomorrow and No Preference. Have them vote secretly and collect the ballots.

Election Day

• Students will be able to explain the history and significance of Election Day.

• Students will express their opinion about the importance of voting.