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The Giving Back to Nature Challenge

Didactic starting position
Characteristics of the students:
Foreknowledge: many children may have been in contact with lessons about trees, our nature, the forest and other subjects to his manner. Students from every age know about trees and the forest so most of them know how a tree ‘works’.

How are Leaves Alike and Different

TLW collect and compare different types of leaves. TLW discuss how leaves are alike and different.

Rain, Friend or Foe?

This lesson will help students appreciate the complex relationships between various physical processes and the features they help create. It is essential that students understand the physical processes affecting the Earth’s surface and, using that knowledge, make intelligent predictions and decisions.

Twin Traits

Explore the Nature vs. Nurture controversy. Participate in hands-on activities to discover how variation in species is due to exchange and interaction of genetic information from parent to offspring.