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Lesson Plans - Visual Arts

Color Poster/Wall Charts

The “Colour Posters” teaching resource is composed of twelve posters about colours.Each page has a paint can and brush with a certain colour on them, and the name of the colour written underneath.It includes the following colours:black, blue, b

Crayola Hands-on Standards Based Lesson Plan Ideas

34 page e-Book. Your Guide to Integrate the Arts into Your Daily Curriculum

Quick & Easy Crafts for Kids by Crayola

29 page ebook with wonderful craft projects created by Crayola.

Just for Fun Coloring Pages (Crayola)

14 page ebook filled with fun coloring pages created by Crayola.

Raccoons Math and Literacy Unit – Aligned with Common Core Standards

My Raccoons Math and Literacy Unit Plan includes lessons, activities, crafts, reproducible worksheets, reading lists and much more!