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Lesson Plans - Health

Over the Counter Medicine Cabinet Scavenger Hunt Lesson

OTC medicines can cause adverse effects, drug interactions, food-drug interactions, allergic reactions, D.U.I charges, overdoses and death! Your students will have fun doing this scavenger hunt activity, and they’ll learn the OTC dangers at the same time!!

KWL Organizer Chart for Notetaking

K = What you KNOW – students write down what they already know about a topic. W = What you WANT to know – students write down what they would like to know about the topic. L = What you LEARNED – toward the end of the unit, students write down what they learned about the topic.

Social-Emotional Dictionary with Exercises: Feelings and Emotions

A ready-to-use reproducible to build social-emotional literacy

FREE! Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Abstinence Lesson Plan

I generated this ?Top 10? list after teaching Health for 16 years, but there are certainly other reasons for abstinence and you may want to change the 10, adding in your own ideas. The handout is attached in Word and PDF formats.

FREE! “Is This Diet Healthy?”

Summary: 10 Questions to Analyze and Give a Grade to Any Diet. Use these 10 questions based on the Mayo Clinic Food Guide Pyramid to analyze and grade fad diets.