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Lemon Tea

Up to thirty five students 1st through 6th
Health Science Chemistry
Lemon: Ascorbic acid, Vitamin “C” acid
Water: H2O, Crystal Geyser, All natural, California mountain spring water, Concepts: solubility and solvency
Honey: sweetener
Concept: high viscosity, Bee pollen and “B” vitamins
Hygiene: Wash hands with a small drop of soap.
During this time, rinse lemon, small flow of water for each student.

1. Wash 1 lemon
2. Towel dry
3. Use to wipe desk throw away.

Each student has
1 lemon
1 small cup with a spot of honey inside at bottom
One wooden stir stick
2 napkins
One plastic knife per row of five to seven students

# First balance the lemon atop the cup! 3min trials.
Lick off honey
Viscosity how thick

Cut lemon in half
Squeeze lemon into cup easy; Throw away peels in proper waste bin.
Return to seat stir honey in lemon mixture. Melting the honey chemistry
Now we add the solvent. Water!

Solvent: dilutes the lemon acid levels and starts to liquefy the honey. H2o
Materials: 40 wooden stir sticks
Small paper cup 5-6 oz.
One lemon for each student
1Package of napkins
One small bear of honey squeeze ¼ in. drop in bottom of cup before handing out cups begin the squeeze. Get about 15 ahead.
Gloves, for students to wipe up.
Each student files through to wash hands and lemon
Then they dry wipe desk throw away and return to pick up
Cup, stir stick and lemon
Return to desk
Balance math, cut in half, fractions
Look at honey feel with stick.
Thick, vitamins
Add lemon, leave peels on desk
Mix honey and lemon, scent lemon
What happens to the honey? soft, runny
Now teacher pours in the natural solvent. H2o about ¾ full.
Stir and drink!
How does your body respond to the lemon tea? Right now in fifteen minutes?
Write about the experiment you just performed.

Lemon Tea
A Natural Remedy

When you feel stuffy or snuffley,
Make, “Lemon Tea.”
It’s good for the soul and makes a cough go away!
When you feel down right rotten, there’s a natural cure.
Drink, Lemon Tea you’ll feel better for sure.
It’s a healthy natural remedy.

Mrs. Tyler 10/25/13

Snuffley: is a made up word. A silly way to say stopped up.

Many students know of someone or have their very own citrus tree.
When you are needing healing the ascorbic acid in lemons, oranges, and grapefruits can help our body heal. Ascorbic acid also known as vitamin “C.”

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