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Lesson Plans - 10th Grade

The Giving Back to Nature Challenge

Didactic starting position
Characteristics of the students:
Foreknowledge: many children may have been in contact with lessons about trees, our nature, the forest and other subjects to his manner. Students from every age know about trees and the forest so most of them know how a tree ‘works’.

Essay Outline Writing Kickstarter – Thesis Statements, Topics, Quotes

Essay Outline Writing Kickstarter – Thesis Statements, Topics, Quotes* Overall Topic* Thesis Statement* Reasons (Topics)* Quotations & Page #s

Over the Counter Medicine Cabinet Scavenger Hunt Lesson

OTC medicines can cause adverse effects, drug interactions, food-drug interactions, allergic reactions, D.U.I charges, overdoses and death! Your students will have fun doing this scavenger hunt activity, and they’ll learn the OTC dangers at the same time!!

KWL Organizer Chart for Notetaking

K = What you KNOW – students write down what they already know about a topic. W = What you WANT to know – students write down what they would like to know about the topic. L = What you LEARNED – toward the end of the unit, students write down what they learned about the topic.

Aesop’s Fables – 8 Stories

Aesop’s Fables – 8 StoriesEnjoy these 8 printable Aesop’s Fables are a cool-looking way to do a Gallery Walk for students to read all 8 stories in a quick amount of time.

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