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Lesson Plans - Social Studies

KWL Organizer Chart for Notetaking

K = What you KNOW – students write down what they already know about a topic. W = What you WANT to know – students write down what they would like to know about the topic. L = What you LEARNED – toward the end of the unit, students write down what they learned about the topic.

Social Studies and Language Arts Graphic Organizer

Many students struggle with summarizing non-fiction text. This graphic organizers helps them model summarizing AND aids in READING COMPREHENSION. They will be practicing Language Arts skills and won’t even know it!!!

Lewis and Clark Video Guide Questions

Videos are an excellent way to wrap up a lesson to ensure that students understand the content you taught. This simple handout makes videos more effective by ensuring that students pay attention. Enjoy it free!!!

Student Absent Form Freebie

This is a student absent form freebie is great for keeping track of a student’s missed assignments “while he/she is out”.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature scavenger hunt includes two different types of hunts. The first is an actual physical scavenger hunt where kids have to bring items in to be counted. The second one is a photo scavenger hunt. Parents or children can take pictures on their smart phon