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Lesson Plans - Kindergarten

Addition/Subtraction Fact Family Pattern Practice

Addition/Subtraction Fact Family Pattern PracticeThis is a single worksheet that was created to help students learn the pattern with fact families. There are two parts that make up the one whole number.

Color Poster/Wall Charts

The “Colour Posters” teaching resource is composed of twelve posters about colours.Each page has a paint can and brush with a certain colour on them, and the name of the colour written underneath.It includes the following colours:black, blue, b

Small Letters Alphabet a – z

Small letters alphabet a – z The first step in teaching a child to read is to teach the alphabet letters.

A Drop in the Bucket

Objective: Students will practice and improve bouncing for accuracy, spatial awareness, defensive strategy, and cardiovascular endurance in the highenergy game of A Drop in the Bucket.

Teaching Tips and Classroom Management Ideas for Physical Education

This is an excerpt from my book PE2: Double the Physical + Double the Education = Double the Fun. Included are some additional teaching tips to assist you in time management and grouping strategies. These strategies are especially helpful if you teach larg