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Dorothea Lange

The study of Dorothea Lange, a documentary photographer of the 1930’s, was an eye-opener for my 8th grade students!
ART STANDARDS: CREATE – Students will produce artworks based on art issues and values. Students will learn the appropriate use of materials, tools and techniques. Students will be able to identify and use the elements of art

Into the Ocean

Students are familiar with fish and perhaps some other underwater animals, but have they ever thought about where in the ocean these animals live? In this lesson, students will be encouraged to learn more about the special adaptations of animals with which they are already familiar. It will introduce students to different ocean depths and to the ways in which animals have adapted to live at different depths. In the process, they will look at the photographs of David Doubilet and think about how photography can help save the oceans.

The Year in Review

Students will sequence the major events of their year in chronological order as they create a photo journal.