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Surviving AIDS

To help students understand the facts and issues surrounding HIV and AIDS by creating a newspaper supplement containing information gathered from research.

The Science of HIV

An effective way of preventing the spread of AIDS is through education in the form of community awareness campaigns.

Africa’s Struggle With AIDS

This lesson is designed to help students understand the enormity of the impact of AIDS on the population of Africa, by comparing its effect there with its effect on the population of the world in general, and especially on that of the United States.

HIV project

Students will be able to research and find possible solutions to a problem using a biological database.

Students will be able to read and understand amino acid sequences and alignments produced by Biology Workbench.

Students will be able to identify common mutation locations in HIV-1 envelope proteins and human CD4 proteins and make research/treatment recommendations based on this information.

Aids: Who’s at Risk?

Students will do the following:
1. Analyze facts about who gets AIDS, how those populations have changed in the past few decades, and how AIDS is contracted
2. Advocate for AIDS awareness and prevention