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Which Present is Bigger?

Students will use estimation and rulers to figure out which present is bigger.

What is missing From My Stocking?

This is a fun activity that can be used in a center or in small groups. Students have to figure out what object is missing from one of two identical stockings.

Torn Paper Christmas Scene

Students use torn paper to create a Christmas scene. The rough edges and vague details create a unique and interesting picture.

The Grinch – The Prequel

The students will practice writing a narrative work as they explain how the Grinch became the way that he did. They will explain how his heart became two sizes too small and why he hated Christmas so much.

Thank You Mr. Elf

We often talk about Santa when we talk about gifts, but what about all his elf workers? In this writing activity, students practice writing thank you cards by sending one to Mr. Elf thanking him for all his hard work in making the toys.