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What is a Canadian/American?

Your task is to create a collage that reflects both the media’s representation of Canada/Canadians / America/Americans and your own. You will do this by assembling a collage (on a regular-sized sheet of bristol board) in the image of the Canadian/American flag.

The Declaration of Independence

Welcome to’s Declaration of Independence website. This site provides a wealth of information about the signers of the Declaration, the history of the Declaration, and an online version of the Declaration for you to read.

4th of July – Independence Day

Those living in the United States celebrate the Fourth of July to mark independence from Britain. We typically
celebrate this day by sharing the day with friends and family with a good meal and by watching a fireworks
show at dark.

Veteran’s Day, a Chance to Honor Those Who Served Our Country

# The students will be able to understand that many of the liberties we enjoy in America today were earned by the patriotism shown by veterans.
# The students will recognize some of the symbols, songs and pledges that represent our country and which have a very special significance to veterans.

Wall of Peace

A good activity for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or September 11.