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Is Racism Dead?

Students explore the events of 1957 and 1958 at Little Rock High School, conduct a survey of racial harmony at their school, create a graph displaying the results of the survey, discuss racial attitudes today.

“Water Has Many Uses”

Students will participate in several different activities in order to lean about the importance of water in our daily lives.

Student Learning-Strengths Inventory

Use an online inventory to determine students’ learning strengths and intelligences.

Is Racism Dead?

Students investigate events surrounding the integration of Little Rock (Arkansas) Central High School and explore racial harmony in their own school. Included: A survey to determine whether racism is dead at your school.

Wellness Wonders

Students incorporate listening skills, expository writing, graphing skills, and surveys to learn about wellness strategies and health information. Students then use what they have learned to create individual action plans and record progress towards personal goals