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Lesson Plans - Character Education

Knot a Challenge

Can you tie a knot in a piece of rope without letting go of the two ends?

Habari Gani? — What’s the News?

Habari Gani? Those Swahili words, meaning What’s the News?, may soon become as familiar a holiday message as Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy New Year. For Habari Gani? is the ritual greeting of Kwanzaa and Kwanzaa is the world’s fastest growing holiday.

Some Called Me SuperStar

The following activities can be adapted to a whole class, small literature group, or small guided reading group. Choose one or more activities from each section to support comprehension before, during, and after reading the book. In addition, the author has also included numerous writing activities in Chapter 9 – “You Be the Sportscaster,” and

Make Bullying HISTORY!

Are you looking for lessons and activities to help end bullying in your school or community?
We strongly believe that peace begins in the classroom. People are affected by many different types of conflict; bullying affects the lives of thousands of young people every day. As part of Peace One Day’s free online Peace Education Resource

Listening to music

This lesson aims to explain how deaf people can hear music.
1 For the first task you will need a balloon and music player. Blow up the balloon and get the kids to hold
it in front of the music. They will be able to feel the vibrations of the music. Vary the songs, playing fast and