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Listening to music

This lesson aims to explain how deaf people can hear music.

1 For the first task you will need a balloon and music player. Blow up the balloon and get the kids to hold
it in front of the music. They will be able to feel the vibrations of the music. Vary the songs, playing fast and slow tempos in turn. This approach also works if you play a piece with a strong bass line and get the kids to put their hands on the table that the music player is on.

2 Afterward, ask the students what they felt, and talk about the different ways to feel vibrations (through
their feet, head, body, stomach muscles …)

3 Send the kids away at the end of the day and ask them to count how many sound vibrations they can
feel before the next day (this can be in the car, watching TV or even something as simple as a mobile
phone ringing)

4 Another way to explain how deaf people can hear music, is with clips of music videos. Turn off the
sound and see if the class can identify what type of music it is by just looking at the colors, lights and
images used in the video. The students should be able to tell if the tempo is slow or fast, and to have a
good idea of the genre of the song.

5 Then pick a song and have the kids draw the symbols and pictures they would use to explain the song
to a deaf person.
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