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Lesson Plans - 7th Grade

Easy Essays in Three Steps

This nine day mini unit is designed to help students understand and refine essays created for the writing section of the FCAT.

Dog Gone “Paw”erful Writing

Students research a dog breed and create note cards to reflect a variety of research and information. Students then develop a five-page PowerPoint presentation that reflects the information.

Confronting Sexual Harassment

What is sexual harassment and where does it occur? Is there anything I can do if it happens to me?

Grammar Fun

This is an ESOL unit for middle school students. Students learn about nouns, verbs, and adjectives in the target language. They spend time orally demonstrating knowledge of the patterns and rules governing using these words in oral language, as well as in written work.

Filling Up Florida

Students study factors controlling Florida population growth and related environmental impacts. Students research natural community types and make maps