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Lesson Plans - March


The Resurrection of Jesus: Read the Easter story to the children and talk about how Jesus died for our sins.
2. Egg Science: Take this time to teach the children about eggs. Eggs are a symbol of rebirth and represent the
rebirth of Jesus. Look for easy science experiments involving eggs, such as whether or not they float. You can
also decorate eggs.
3. Cross: The cross is an important symbol of Easter. It represents crucifixion and resurrection.

St. Patrick’s Day

1. Study clovers. Kids are fascinated with clovers. You can actually buy clover seeds and grow them in a pot.
Start well before St. Patrick’s Day so the children can watch them grow.
2. Study rainbows. Rainbows are synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day. Use this time to teach children how
rainbows form and the colors of the rainbow.
3. Study Ireland. This is a great time to look at the country and study its customs and traditions.

Celebrate Pi Day

The mathematical constant Pi, sometimes written as Pi, is approximately equal to 3.14159… Each year, Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 by math enthusiasts around the world. You have been selected to explore the meaning of Pi and to celebrate Pi Day through online activities.

Insect Communication and Harmful Insects

Identify basic needs of organisms

b. : Give examples of how organisms depend on each other

Learning in Cockroaches

To see, if by providing a positive stimulus, students can detect learning in cockroaches. A secondary purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to carefully observe and work with an insect they normally find offensive. Thus students will develop a keener appreciation of the complexities of experimental design and of animal life.