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Lesson Plans - March

Insects at Home

identify characteristics that allow members of a species to survive.

1. compare adaptive characteristics of species

Insect Survival – camouflage

The student will draw conclusions regarding the advantages of camouflage in nature; the student will also observe the consequences of environmental alteration, whether natural or man made, and the process of natural selection

Insect Models

To help students become excited about making models of insects, you might want to do some science charting with them. Ask, “What do you know about insects?” And then, “What do you want to know about insects?”


The student will use problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills in order to construct and maintain a home specifically suited to his/ her insect pet

How Fast Do Ants Go?

Assigned to measure the speed of an ant, students design the procedures and then collect and analyze data to solve the assigned problem “How fast do ants go?”