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Lesson Plans - March

“Crazy Critters”

1. The student will be able to safely and effectively collect data from a field.
2. The student will be able to observe and measure the collected data and process it into a Research report.

Bugs! Lesson Plan

Students will tear colored paper into shapes appropriate to imaginary insects. Shapes will be arranged and glued to a background sheet.

Adopt-An-Insect Project Overview

The goal of the Adopt-An-Insect project is to create a school-wide insect collection to allow Havana Junior High School students to investigate the insect world. For this project, each grade level will “adopt” specific orders of insects, collect specimens, create classroom collections, and complete related activities. From lessons on life cycles to the basic anatomy of insects, students will discover the amazing world of these “minibeasts”.

Spring Springs

Create realistic flowers from construction paper and recycled items to show what you know about the parts of a flower.

Simple Signs of the Seasons

Sparkling snowflakes, raindrops, flowers, or crispy leaves let everyone know that the seasons are changing. What season is new for you?