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Civil War Causes

Lesson Plan Title: Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny “Texas Independence” Part I
The student will be able to describe the history of the Alamo.
The student will be able to research for basic facts from a Web site.
Required Materials:
Website: The Alamo
Pencil and paper
Technology Integration:
Students will use their laptops research information from a website to answer specific questions

Using Historical Fiction to Learn About the Civil War

This lesson uses the book Meet Addy by Connie Porter to teach the characteristics of historical fiction, making inferences and using visualization, and Civil War history.

Our Town’s Black Heritage

Students tour Boston’s Black Heritage Trail and create a black heritage tour of their own town.

Harriet Tubman

Students will learn about Harriet Tubman and the American Civil War

And That’s The Way It Is… Today in History

Students create a nightly-news broadcast for a special time/date in history.

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