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Civil War Causes

Lesson Plan Title: Chapter 12 Manifest Destiny “Texas Independence” Part I
The student will be able to describe the history of the Alamo.
The student will be able to research for basic facts from a Web site.
Required Materials:
Website: The Alamo
Pencil and paper
Technology Integration:
Students will use their laptops research information from a website to answer specific questions pertaining to the Alamo.
Students will visit the official Web site of the Alamo.
Students will click on and read about The Alamo’s Historic Past. They will then need to return to the main screen and click on Frequently Asked Questions. After reading this information they will answer the following questions about what they learned on a separate piece of paper:
1. What was the original name and purpose of the Alamo?
2. How did the Texans first come to occupy the Alamo during the war for independence?
3. On what day did Santa Anna’s siege of the Alamo begin? When did it end?
4. Were there survivors at the Alamo? How many?
Once they are finished with the questions they will hand in their paper and as a class we will go over the answers to the questions.
Independent Practice:
Students will answer the question 1-4 independently about the history of the Alamo and the battles that took place there.
Debrief lesson to review what was learned.

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