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Kwanzaa – Lesson plan

To give intensive reading practice
To examine an aspect of the Christmas celebrations
To give pracice with working out meaning of lexis from context
To give freer speaking practice

People And Space

Students will understand the following:
1. For preservation of food and space-saving storage, astronauts on space missions eat dehydrated foods.
2. Dehydration means “removal of water.”
3. Dehydrated foods can be consumed by mixing the food with saliva from the eater’s mouth or by adding water.

Harvest Celebration

Thankful for the Harvest-Talk about how much farmers help us by growing food for us to eat. Let the kids
cut pictures out of their favorite fruits and vegetables and make a collage.
2. Helping Others: This is also a good opportunity to show children how they can help others by collecting
food for a food pantry. Explain to the children that not everyone has enough food to share, so they can help
by bringing canned foods and other non-perishables.

Zoo Food

Children read a chart of directions on how to prepare their zoo food. They will follow each step and measure the appropriate amount for each ingredient

Thanksgiving Feast (Read the Charts)

Read a chart to learn more about where the foods in your family’s Thanksgiving feast were grown.

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