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Communities and Biomes Virtual Lab

How can you model a balanced marine biome?

PURPOSE: To create and maintain a marine biome in the form of a reef tank.

OBJECTIVES: Compare the symbiotic and competitive relationships in organisms within an ecosystem.
Students will navigate to the McGraw-Hill Virtual Lab website. From there students will find the topic: Communities and Biomes, click on it and it will take students to a Virtual Lab. Students will follow the procedures as outlined on the webpage to navigate their way through this lab investigation to create and maintain a healthy reef tank. There are specific guidelines and procedures that students must follow prior to setting up their tank and all information is recorded in their journal and on the provided charts and tables. It also has a table tab that students will use to record and monitor the progress of their biome over a 12-week period. Students will submit a Journal at the end that documented their progress from start to finish. When students have completed their assignment they can either print it out and submit it or they may e-mail their completed work to the teacher.

EVALUATION: Students will be evaluated on the information submitted from their virtual lab.

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