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Kwanzaa and Hanukah Internet Lesson Plan

* Students will use their listening skills while understanding what the rules are for the use of the computer and the Internet sites.
* Students will use their cooperative skills when discussing the sites and the ideas learned during the lesson.
* Students will listen to the brainstorming prompts given by the teacher, buddy buzz and discuss their ideas with their partners.
* Students will activate their prior knowledge based upon discussions and books read during class activities and discuss the meanings of Kwanzaa and Hanukah.
* Students will discuss the different components of Kwanzaa and Hanukah.
* Students will compare and contrast Kwanzaa and Hanukah using a venn diagram.
* Students will write, in complete sentences, describing what they know about Kwanzaa and Hanukah. They will also state which holiday they would like to have and the reasons why it would be nice to include the additional holiday in their family traditions.

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