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Political Cartoons

Objective: Students will be able to
• identify a political cartoon
• explain what they are used for
• how the illustrator goes about getting across his/her message
1. Begin by explaining to the class what a political cartoon is and remind them of some of the political cartoons you may have already shown them
2. Next, place a current political cartoon on the overhead. Let them observe for about a minute and ask any questions or make comments on what they are seeing. Show them 1 or 2 more cartoons and repeat the process to make sure they are getting it.
3. By the end of the modeling, students should be able to understand that people who draw political cartoons are trying to get a message across and that they use symbols and/or artistic techniques to do this.
1. After independent work, groups will come up one-by-one and tell the class about their political cartoon. (each cartoon will be put on the overhead so everyone can clearly see). The other students can ask questions or make comments regarding the cartoon of the group presenting)
Independent Work:
1. Distribute one or two political cartoons to each table and ask them to answer the following questions for me (Students will be given about 20 minutes for this part):
a. What is the topic of the cartoon and how do you know this?
b. What message is the illustrator trying to get across?
c. What evidence can you find in the cartoon that supports your answer for b?
d. Do you think this image is effective? Why or why not?
Assessment: In order to assess this activity,distribute a political cartoon to be done for homework.

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