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The Story of Ping

Aim: To demonstrate how stories may provide insight into a culture
Aim: To enable students to use effective thinking strategies before, during, and after a story.

Motivation: Students will be invited to travel to China using the wings of their imagination. Through pictorial example, map, globe, and song, the words related to China are introduced. The principle aim is elicited from the students. Additional vocabulary is introduced in preparation for the Story of Ping by Majorie Flack by producing items of food and clothing et al. from the culture of China.

Development: The use of this fictional tale provides one with an opportunity to reinforce understanding of new vocabulary in a contextual setting as well as enable students to see how a story instructs as well as entertains. Other communication arts strands are tapped as children appreciate the sound of language and create mental images. Students will note the food, clothing, and shelter of the people of China on their journey. They will also listen to see if Ping is a naughty (like Peter Rabbit) or a nice little duck.

Summary: The summary serves to assess the student’s ability to articulate how information is transmitted by word of mouth. Students are guided as they determine the message the storyteller is imparting. The students will make inferences as they determine who was wise and who was foolish in the story and give the reasons why.

Follow up: The students are given an opportunity to create a seascape of Ping’s home on the Yangtze River. Using the 5Ws, the children will show who Ping is in the drawing, where he lives, when the story takes place (day or night), what Ping is doing, and why. Students will write a sentence about their picture, and share it with the class.

E2b Produce a response to literature
E5a Respond to fiction using interpretive and critical processes.
E3a Participate in one-to-one conferences with the teacher.

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