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Thanksgiving Then And Now

Students will

* learn to use one type of graphic organizer, a Venn diagram.
* talk and read about the Thanksgiving celebration of 1621 at Plymouth.
* use the Venn diagram to compare the Pilgrim’s “First Thanksgiving” to our modern Thanksgiving Day.
* use an online tool to create a Venn diagram. (Optional)
* use the information in their diagrams as they organize and compose a brief essay about the similarities and differences between Thanksgiving celebrations then and now.

1 comment to Thanksgiving Then And Now

  • K. Evenson

    Great ideas and resources! Thanks for sharing them. It’s nice to see how this lesson plan incorporates the differences between Thanksgiving celebrations during the early days of the Pilgrims and how it is now. The Thanksgiving table is far more diverse today than just Native Americans and Europeans dining with a feast. Something teachers and students should add to this discussion is the subject of racial diversity changes then and now.

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